Expert, definitive TBI and complex neurorehabilitation medical care.

Minnesota Rehabilitation Institute (MNNRI) is located on the corner of Highway 55 and County Road 6 in Plymouth, MN.

MNNRI is an outpatient medical clinic that focuses on the evaluation and medical treatment of brain injuries and other complex neurorehabilitation conditions.  

MNNRI was established in response to the increasingly shrinking availability of personalized, empathic medical care delivered in a small clinic setting.  Most healthcare is now provided by large corporations operating out of “big box store” clinics.  Unfortunately, that often results in impersonal, “one size fits all” medicine. This is particularly true for brain injuries and complex neurorehabilitation conditions.  

The basic philosophy of MNNRI is that every patient is a person with unique needs and desires regarding their medical care.  MNNRI strives to provide the most advanced, comprehensive, and expert medical care available in a compassionate, friendly manner.

MNNRI welcomes individuals of all ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs, gender preferences and sexual orientations.  

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